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Spotlight On:
SNAPP-On Modules!
Released August 2010, SNAPP-On Modules for Lotus Quickr are licensed plug-ins to the Quickr product that make users more productive! Favorites, Custom Tabs, and Custom InfoBox are the first three modules available. Log in to download your evaluation copy, and check out this video on YouTube (crank up the sound!)

About the Developers

SNAPPS is the official IBM Design Partner for Lotus Quickr. Our developers have been working with QuickPlace and Quickr for nine years, and contributed to the development of Lotus Quickr, creating these templates as examples of the enhancements that can be made to the core product. The development team at SNAPPS:
Viktor Krantz
Troy Reimer
Jerald Mahurin
Rob Novak
Julian Robichaux

Latest Updates
  • SNAPP-On Modules released and available for evaluation!
  • August 10, 2010: Templates updated with bug fixes, latest fixpacks.
  • Feb 3 2010: Templates updated with bug fixes, latest fixpacks. Support for 8.0 withdrawn. QActivities withdrawn.

Welcome to the official download site for the free Lotus Quickr templates created by SNAPPS, the official design partner for IBM Lotus Quickr. We are pleased to offer these templates at no charge.

SNAPPS has invested years of development in order to create world-class applications for you to use on your Lotus Quickr servers. The applications are:

  • QAnnounce: Corporate Communications Management
  • QContacts: Contact Management (Now available as an 8.5.1 product!)
  • QProject: Project Management
  • QIdeas: Ideas and Innovation
  • QIssues: Issues Escalation, Workflow and Management
  • QMeeting: Meeting and Agenda Management
  • QPhotos: Image Repository (Now available as an 8.5.1 product!)
  • QPresent: Collaborative Presentation Development
  • QSurvey: Dynamic Surveys
  • QSite: All-In-One, plus a Blog and Wiki (Blog and Wiki now available as native 8.5.1 products!)
Note: All templates are compatible with Lotus Quickr 8.2 with a common set of source files. If you're upgrading to or use Quickr 8.5.1, note that these versions are not compatible. We have created product offerings for some of the templates for 8.5.1 -- blog, wiki, images, and contacts to start, which can be combined -- and you can find out more at www.snapps.com, or feel free to email us info at snapps.com.

Enjoy the templates. We hope you find them valuable and they enhance your experience with Lotus Quickr!